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About Me

I am a GNU/Linux and open source web dev/design enthusiast located in Pittsburgh, PA pursuing a career developing and designing websites, coding and scripting with JavaScript, PHP, Bash, Perl, and Python and other DevOps. I have worked with GNU/Linux operating systems since mid-1990s on my personal computers as well as with hosting providers including virtual private servers, dedicates servers, virtualization and virtual containers. I have developed a passion for scripting and automating tasks including working with APIs, hooks, and tools for deploying development, staging and production environments. I have developed designs using modern frameworks and libraries offering innovative user interfaces and accessibility as well as prepared structured data for search engine optimization as well as for screen readers.

I am interested and available to work on projects to continue productively using and improving upon my skills.

Website Portfolio


  • Developed using Drupal, jQuery
    • Migrated website to Drupal v7 CMS/Framework
    • Designed responsive, mobile-friendly theme
    • Developed customized administrative pages
  • Developed using custom PHP, jQuery, AJAX, RSS, XML, PostgreSQL, Python, Bitcoin, Tor, I2P
    • Created and developed concept for innovative social news and communication platform using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, RSS, XML, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python and Bitcoin offering user interfaces on traditional web as well as Tor and I2P.

Website Contributions


    • Designed custom style for Google Maps.
    • Implemented searching dealer locations for Google Maps by query string.
    • Improved favicon implementation courteous of http://realfavicongenerator.net/ simplification.
    • Implemented feature to place images side by side while preserving Pinterest 'Pin It' hover effect to appear seamlessly.
    • Fixed PHP errors.

Skills and Competencies

In addition to my usage of the following skillsets in my professional work (listed where applies excluding Coding and Markup section to avoid redundancy), I have actively prepared personal development environments both locally and hosted on Internet to reflect upon my continued effort to learn and practice working with each technology.

Distributed Revision Control and Repository Hosting Services

JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Environments

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